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20 September 2006

Update in the 43rd

With all 218 precincts having reported, Jamie Pedersen holds a thin 35-vote lead over Jim Street in the 43rd House district Democratic primary. The totals:

Jamie Pedersen 2,300 [23.27%]
Jim Street 2,265 [22.92%]
Bill Sherman 1,777 [17.98%]
Stephanie Pure 1,278 [12.93%]
Lynne Dodson 1,151 [11.65%]
Dick Kelley 1,106 [11.19%]
Write-ins 5 [0.05%]

Looks like we'll have to wait for the last-minute absentees to figure out who will be the next Democratic representative for the 43rd district. The candidates finished pretty close to what I emailed Postman yesterday, though I vastly overestimated Dick Kelley's performance. Guess that principled stand on campaign finance really did cost him in the end.


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