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20 September 2006

Primary results

Here are some selected returns for the primary election tonight. The major races were foregone conclusions, so if anybody really cares to see those huge victories, try Vote.Wa.Gov. I will say, however, that I'm quite disgusted with the apparent upset of Jack Burkman in the 17th district by chronic loser and last-minute entry Patrick Campbell. What are you people thinking? Jim Dunn, for all his laziness and right-wing conservatism, thrashed Campbell by ten points in 2004 and in a rematch is quite likely to be retained. Way to lose the cash advantage with that, 17th Democrats.

Supreme Court #2 -- 50% counted
Susan Owens [i] 45%
Steve Johnson 33%
Michael Johnson 10%

Supreme Court #8 -- 50% counted
Gerry Alexander [i] 54%
John Groen 46%

Supreme Court #9 -- 50% counted
Tom Chambers [i] 58%
Jeannette Burrage 42%

9th House District Republicans -- 66% counted
Steve Hailey 33%
Joe Schmick 29%
Tedd Nealey 24%

14th House District Republicans -- 84% counted
Charles Ross 37%
Sandra Swanson 24%
Glen Blomgren 22%

26th Senate District Republicans -- 62% counted
Jim Hines 54%
Lois McMahan 46%

26th Senate District Republicans -- 62% counted
Ron Boehme 53%
Trent England 47%

35th Senate District Democrats -- 60% counted
Tim Sheldon [i] 57%
Kyle Taylor Lucas 43%

43rd House District Democrats -- 67% counted
Jamie Pedersen 25%
Jim Street 22%
Bill Sherman 16%
Stephanie Pure 14%
Lynne Dodson 12%
Dick Kelley 11%

44th Senate District Democrats -- 58% counted
Steve Hobbs 53%
Lillian Kaufer 47%

47th Senate District Democrats -- 6% counted
Claudia Kauffman 56%
Ed Crawford 44%

Also, of the local races profiled previously, incumbent Democrats Steve Boyer and Robin Hunt easily prevailed over well-funded opponents. In Spokane County, appointed GOP Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich not only won (against my prediction for his more wealthy and establishment-backed opponent), but sailed to victory with 60%. Elsewhere, incumbent GOP Kitsap County Commissioner Patty Lent was upset in her primary election. Most exciting of all the locals, though, is the GOP primary for Spokane County Assessor. With all precincts in, a very narrow margin separates incumbent Ralph Baker and Councilman Brad Stark:

Baker 15,751 [50.15%]
Stark 15,654 [49.85%]

I'm assuming this will remain undecided until the last couple days of absentees are counted, and perhaps recounted.


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