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08 November 2006

Senate returns, some surprises

With current returns from the Secretary of State's office, this is how the Senate is beginning to shape up:

Apparently Won
Jean Berkey [D-38th]
Jerome Delvin [R-8th]
Darlene Fairley [D-32nd]
Rosa Franklin [D-29th]
Janéa Holmquist [R-13th]
Jim Honeyford [R-15th]
Ken Jacobsen [D-46th]
Karen Keiser [D-33rd]
Derek Kilmer [D-26th]
Adam Kline [D-37th]
Jeanne Kohl-Welles [D-36th]
Bob Morton [R-7th]
Ed Murray [D-43rd]
Erik Poulsen [D-34th]
Tim Sheldon [D-35th]
Paull Shin [D-21st]

Dale Brandland [R-42nd]
Tracey Eide [D-30th]
Steve Hobbs [D-44th]
Claudia Kauffman [D-47th]
Chris Marr [D-6th]
Eric Oemig [D-45th]
Pam Roach [R-31st]
Rodney Tom [D-48th]

If these results hold, it will mean a gain of six seats for the Democratic Party for a sizable 32-17 majority. Still quite a few votes to count, especially in King, but it was clearly a Democratic night, as predicted.


At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Gerald said...

Thats an amazing lead. Wow. Its great to see that Marr and Barlow will probably win in the 6th like I first predicted. Dunn looks finished, thank god. Kilmer won, he is one of my favorites. And Rodney won...

Looks like a great night for WA state Dems. =).

At 8:22 AM, Blogger TMW said...

Yeah, those Spokane Democrats had their best night in a long time. You know it's a bad night for Republicans when their experienced moderates like Toby Nixon are down and they get these nobodies like Tim Knue to compete in races people didn't see coming. And what's the deal with Judy Personett? I read something that she admitted she didn't even know anything about tax assessments and she still might knock off Baker! If Brad Stark had run as a Democrat he would have creamed him, bad move on his part.


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