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09 November 2006

More House

You know the drill.

Too close to call
10th LD, Barbara Bailey [R] leads (28 votes now)
17th LD, Pat Campbell [D] leads
28th LD, Troy Kelley [D] leads
39th LD, Dan Kristiansen [R] leads

Democrat advantage
6th LD, Don Barlow leads
23rd LD, Christine Rolfes leads
24th LD, Kevin Van de Wege leads
31st LD, Christopher Hurst leads
45th LD, Roger Goodman leads

Republican advantage
2nd LD, Jim McCune leads
18th LD, Ed Orcutt leads
31st LD, Dan Roach leads
41st LD, Fred Jarrett leads
42nd LD, Doug Ericksen leads

New apparent wins
18th LD, Richard Curtis [R]
20th LD, Richard DeBolt [R]
26th LD, Larry Seaquist [D]
28th LD, Tami Green [D]
30th LD, Skip Priest [R]*

*Let me add that I think this largely underscores what an effective legislator Skip Priest has been. His margin of victory has grown with each election, even as the Democratic legislators in the 30th won landslides. In order to accomplish a 15-point victory this year, he had to count on the support of a vast majority of Independents and a sizable minority of Democrats, being, from what I've seen, the only swing district Republican incumbent whose result ran completely contrary to this year's norm.


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