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12 April 2007

Spotlight on Tacoma

Tacoma-hater though I am, I figured the time was nigh to say something about how their local races are developing for this fall, given that I've been spending most of my few-and-far-between posts on Seattle, Spokane, and Snohomish County races. I received an email yesterday from David Hyres, who has recently kicked off his campaign to replace Jack Fabulich on the Port of Tacoma Commission. Fabulich has served on the Port for multiple terms and is retiring, and thus far Hyres and David Lovell have filed for his seat. The other Port incumbent up this year, Clare Petrich, will likely get a free ride with all the focus diverted to the open seat.

Thus far in Tacoma's City Council races, all three incumbents are unopposed. The fourth seat, an at-large position being vacated by Bill Evans, has four candidates thus far who have filed. Of these, only Marilyn Strickland appears to have had any success at early fundraising, and I'm not familiar enough with Marty Campbell, David Curry, or Jonathan Phillips in order to gauge who might have some success down the road.

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