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16 July 2006

GOP finally finds candidate for 1st LD

The 1st legislative district, a Democratic-leaner where Republicans have come close but fallen short each recent cycle, finally has a matchup this fall. Republican Mark Davies, a Boeing employee, is running against freshman Rep. Mark Ericks [D-Bothell]. Davies describes himself as "conservative in every way, constitutionally, socially, and fiscally." Keep searching, GOP, if an ultra-likable mainstream conservative like Joshua Freed could not quite get over the top there then this guy sure isn't. They would be better off coaxing Jason Bontrager into another run than running this sacrificial winger.

Let's cover the recent results here:
2004 Representative #2
Mark Ericks [D] 51.25%
Joshua Freed [R] 48.75%
2002 Representative #1
Al O'Brien [D] 49.92%
Joshua Freed [R] 47.02%
Chuck Jackson [L] 3.06%
2002 Representative #2
Jeanne Edwards [D] 50.40%
Leo Van Hollebeke [R] 49.60%
2000 Senator
Rosemary McAuliffe [D] 54.51%
Leo Van Hollebeke [R] 45.49%

This seat is not off-limits for the GOP, they just need to run some decent moderates. They won the seats in 1994 and 1996 with conservatives, but now that is not good enough. Time for a new strategy.


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