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22 April 2007

Go out and buy the new Hugh Foskett album

I don't know how I keep getting back to Hugh Foskett on this weblog. For a candidate who drew a respectable 13% of the vote last year in the most left-wing legislative district in the state, even now he's popping up where I wouldn't expect it. According to an anonymous post earlier today, the Toronto Star newspaper recently ran a blurb about the new Bright Eyes album, "Cassadaga," and printed a picture of Foskett instead of the group's frontman, Conor Oberst. I have a thumbnail of the poster's scan of the Star article below.

The thing is, their error apparently stemmed from a brief post I made last spring about the entry of two GOP sacrificial lamb candidates in the 43rd district, of which Foskett was one. I linked to a photo of him from the UW Math Department website and likened him to Oberst, and that post somehow made it on the first page of results if you do a Google picture search for "Conor Oberst." Foskett must have looked enough like Oberst for the Star to not notice the difference, because they now believe him to be responsible for "Cassadaga," which I've listened to a good dozen times the past week even prior to learning of this Star business. Added to his status as the state's preferred Republican groper, Foskett has been able to get much more out of his 13% than anyone could have thought.

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At 8:12 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

Love it!

At 2:06 PM, Blogger thehim said...

Now that's pretty funny...


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