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17 July 2006

Beware, 35th district

You thought this would be about Tim Sheldon, didn't you? No, this is about no-chance-in-hell candidate Otis Leathers, running against Rep. Bill Eickmeyer [D-Belfair]. Up until a few days ago, Leathers had filed at the PDC as a "Libertarion," but has now switched to an "Independant" run. Now, I'm not a total Spelling Nazi, but for Christ's sake, if you are going to run for office, at least know how to spell your party name (not once, but twice!). Thankfully, Leathers has not yet become a Republicon or a Demacrat where there might be a snowball's chance of victory.

All three of his error-ridden C1 filings are available at the Public Disclosure Commission website, linked at right. Just run a search for the last name under the "View the Reports" link.


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